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Away Okinawa Kouri Island Resort Cover

Away Okinawa Kouri Island

Opening 1st July 2021

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Ocean View

All rooms face the seaside, with particularly stunning views from each suite’s bathroom and private balcony. Guests can prepare their own coffee or tea inside the room each morning offering the premier Kouri Island experience.

Away Okinawa Kouri Island Resort Cover


Overlooking the iconic Kouri Bridge, the resort’s outdoor pool is the perfect place to cool off in style. After your swim, relax in a deck chair with a cocktail or stretch out on a comfortable sofa in the shade.

Lovely scenery, refreshing sea breezes, and clear views of the night sky make our swimming area feel magical any time of day – helping you slow down and take in the rhythms of the Kouri Island experience.

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Rest La Sacro

Our in-house restaurant serves up innovative Italian cuisine made with local ingredients, for a delicious selection of beautiful, healthy, and nutritious meals.

Start each day with a wholesome breakfast to keep your body nicely balanced – and return later for tasty pizzas made in a real brick oven. With indoor and outdoor seating areas, as well as a lovely barbecue area, Rest la Sacro provides the perfect Kouri Island dining experience.

Open Hours

Monday to Sunday

7:00 AM - 10:00 PM

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