Cross Chiang Mai South Gate Villa offers guests a private chef for an evening barbecue party. The on-site butler and concierge services deliver the very height of convenience, allowing guests to enjoy the delectable meal, while basking in the luxurious surroundings. 

X2 Chiang Mai South Gate Villa BBQ

Outdoor space

Perfect for group activities and delivering countless diverting activities for guests to do during their stay, the Sala at the heart of the villa serves as an exquisite entertainment space with all modern amenities and even an on-site butler. 

X2 Chiang Mai South Gate Villa Intro4 v2


The expansive private outdoor pool that connects to the Sala lobby allows guests to soak in the luxury, unwind and appreciate the contemporary design. Guests can also relax poolside on plush the sun loungers, while enjoying the resplendent garden views. 

X2 Chiang Mai South Gate Villa Pool v4