C Lounge is a social space with comfortable and fashionable surroundings for all to enjoy. This open-plan area is a fine setting for all occasions, from reading a book or playing board games, to enjoying some light snacks. As part of the hotel lobby, C Lounge is centrally located with plenty of natural light and a welcoming breeze.
Cross Pattaya Pratamnak C Lounge 01 Cross Pattaya Pratamnak C Lounge 01


Stay in shape and feel great at Cloud Club, our fully equipped fitness and wellness centre. This space is ideal for activities of every intensity, from treadmill and bicycle workouts to a quiet space for yoga. We offer daily group exercise classes, as well as a food and beverage menu with specially selected items that provide therapeutic nutrients and superfoods.

Cross Pattaya Pratamnak Fitness 01


If you’re in the mood for a quick snack or refreshments, Coco Deli is the place for you. Stop by and enjoy the tasty selection of small bites, including fresh cakes, pastries, and ice creams. In addition to snacks and desserts, Coco also serves coffee, tea, juices, and other drinks that are available to take away. With a friendly atmosphere and lots of treats to try out, Coco has plenty to love.
Cross Pattaya Pratamnak Coco Deli 01 Cross Pattaya Pratamnak Coco Deli 01


This is the hotel's main restaurant which offers both indoor and outdoor or terraced seating. We welcome you to come in, eat, and drink from breakfast, through to lunch and dinner. Using the best fresh and seasonal products, our chefs create an unparalleled dining experience that showcase both international favourites and local flavours in a relaxed setting.
Cross Pattaya Pratamnak Coral Restaurant 01 Cross Pattaya Pratamnak Coral Restaurant 02 Cross Pattaya Pratamnak Beakfast 01 Cross Pattaya Pratamnak Coral Restaurant 02


Moon Spa offers pure tranquillity, and a selection of treatments that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Our restorative approach to body care utilises traditional massage techniques, with Thai herbal products that refresh your body and skin. With each visit to this wellness sanctuary, you’ll feel ever more in balance and at peace.

Cross Pattaya Pratamnak Spa 01


A nice swim in a saltwater pool can be just what you need after a long day of travelling, sightseeing, or even doing nothing at all. Our expansive outdoor pool area is a wonderful place to unwind, swim some laps, and spend an afternoon soaking in your holiday. By the pool is a large relaxation area with comfortable chairs and sun loungers, perfect for a nice book or a cocktail.

Cross Pattaya Pratamnak Pool 01 Cross Pattaya Pratamnak Pool 03


Our popular Beach House provides delicious meals, breathtaking sea views, and private access to the beach. Its undisturbed panoramic views offer a delightful contrast to central Pattaya's busy main stretch of beach. As a prime location for lazy afternoons and gorgeous sunsets, the Beach House serves food and creative cocktails to keep you in a holiday mood.
Cross Pattaya Pratamnak Private Dinner 01 Cross Pattaya Pratamnak Private Dinner 01