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X2 Scoops ARCASIA Award

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X2 Scoops ARCASIA Award

If you have visited X2 Kui Buri Resort, you may be amazed by the design of the resort and wondering who is behind this. Today we have the man behind this project with us, Khun Duangrit Bunnag from DBALP, the famous Thai architect who has won many prestigious architectural awards and recently the ARCASIA Award for Architecture 2013 which X2 Kui Buri project won the Gold Medal in the Category B-2 Public Amenity: Resort Building for X2 Kui Buri.

Q1. First of all, please share with us your feeling after knowing the result of the award

ARCASIA Award is one of the most prominent architectural awards of Asia.  I won the Gold Medal for the first time back in 2003 for Costa Lanta in Krabi.  This is the second time for the award and I couldn’t feel lesser honoured.

Q2. Out of many resort projects you have done, why did you choose X2 Kui Buri to nominate in this award?

The reason I choose X2 Kui Buri for the award is for the humble conversation that suits the direction of the award itself.  ARCASIA is always promoting Asian Architect practice with Asian attitude.  X2 Kui Buri is one among many of our resort projects that fit the criteria.

Q3. In your opinion, why did X2 Kui Buri win the Gold Medal in this category?

X2 Kui Buri portrayed the unique sophisticated simplicity in its design,  and that is the reason for Gold Medal.


Q4. What inspired you when designing X2 Kui Buri? What was the key in the design? What was the most challenging thing in this project?

I was inspired by the exceptional situation of the site itself.  The perfect sanctuary. The quiet beach that appeared to be far from the world allows me to create the simple context of its own for the project.  And the result is exceptional.

Q5. Do you visit the resort often? Where in the resort is your most favorite spot?

I always go back to stay at X2 Kui Buri.  When I am there, I always drift myself into the large pool under the tamarind tree all days. Lovely pool indeed.

Q6. We know that you are a very busy man but how you spend your holiday or what do you like to do in your free time?

I love to spend my weekend on my 2012 yellow Forty-Eight Harley-Davidson, from the city and beyond.

Q7. Please tell us about the current projects that you are working on.

I am now working on the resort in Kandy, Sri Lanka in the midst of vast tea plantation. Apart from that, we are working on several residential, condominiums and shopping malls in Bangkok.

Feel free to ask Khun Duangrit Bunnag  your own questions in the comments below and we’ll ask him them for you.