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Let loose, let Buriram match your Vibe

X2 Vibe Buriram Hotel 9

The Buriram X2 Vibe Hotel, by Cross Hotels & Resorts, is the only way you are levelling up to Buriram’s vibe, this year. The mind-blowing architecture will put your inner chaos to rest, since the only asymmetry allowed here is in the vogue decoration. An extensive menu with signature cafes and fully-equipped meeting rooms make this place irresistible. Now, who said work and play don’t go together?

The most fascinating detail of this place is the stunning aura of the location. The soft Buriram wind gently caressing you, the temperature melting your worries and the slightly freezing drink oozing your body are few of the sensations you can look forward to everyday. The motivation for that upcoming business trip is here, the eagerly-wanted family vacation is more relaxing than ever and the secret romance you wanted to kindle with your other half will have that fiery spark. It is a delightful location for sports lovers who can experiment with their adrenaline rush by regularly going out and diving into the aggression of the games. Those with their little ones needn’t frown, as the hotel provides babysitting on request. The complimentary shuttle service to Buriram is one of the hotel’s ways of showing you the culture and hospitality of Buriram. 

Since we absolutely don’t believe the critics of internet and want you to turn all heads on your social media, wireless internet access in public areas is just one of the many things you will love us for. Buriram is too beautiful to be captured just by memories and sensations. The joy of sharing this unbelievable beauty with the world is what will allow you to relive every bit of it, just with a click. 


The only reason we know you will swipe us right with the one who has swiped you right is because the privacy and location we offer you is unbeatable. The private terraces are the nonchalantly scenic locations your loved one can make even better for you. What is better to spend some quality time with your connection under the Thailand sky?

Picture this -the lukewarm orange sky, the absence of any pressure or deadline, the allowance of acceptance, the luxurious glow shimmering on your skin and the comfortable passing by of time. Who says money can’t buy you peace? Well, in Buriram, it can buy you peace and everything else, we assure you.