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Customized Indian Food on Pattaya’s Menu

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By the Gulf of Thailand is X2 Pattaya Oceanphere, a property that
combines the luxury of pool villas with the piquancy of Indian dishes that guests can get customised to
suit their taste. It is the city’s only five-star collection of private pool villas under an international brand.
Part of the Cross Hotels & Resorts portfolio, X2 Oceanphere provides a taste of tropical paradise just
steps away from the Gulf of Thailand and the historic former pirate enclave of Bang Saray. The resort’s
delightful pool villas are perfect for couples, families and groups – offering pure holiday comfort in an
attractive modernist design.

What makes X2’s vibe all the more pleasing is its pair of superb casual dining outlets – Ocean Bistro and Chili Blue Pool Bar. Combining the very best of local and international cuisine, chefs here carefully prepare each dish to suit all tastes and palates. From the fully open kitchen, talented chefs use fresh ingredients to deliver a world-class dining experience, and some popular Indian dishes make the menu all the more special. “While we already serve some popular Indian dishes, we are open to creating special dishes for our Indian guests. This interactive menu aims at tantalising the four senses - touch, sight, smell and taste - stepping away from the traditional form of cooking. Our specialty creations include ‘Smoke Infused Lamb Rogan Josh’ and ‘Prawn Goan Curry Pouring Pots’ that are made using fresh Indian and organic Thai herbs,” says Chef Sunil Ghidiyal, Cluster Executive Chef, X2 Pattaya Oceanphere and X2 Vibe Pattaya Seaphere.

The resort also offers mouthwatering breakfast and vegetarian menus, and guests can have their dishes customised because the hotel never refuses a request. “We have a policy where we do not refuse a guest, provided we have the ingredients on hand,” Ghidiyal adds. On the breakfast menu are some Indian favourites such as stuffed parathas and poha rice, while the all-day dining menu includes a selection of curries (lamb and chicken), dal makhani, shahi paneer and naan bread.

Charming, spacious and beautifully furnished, the resort’s 59 pool villas offer privacy and every modern 
convenience for the guest’s enjoyment. X2 Pattaya Oceanphere offers the finest holidays at the most 
affordable prices and is open to collaborations with and incentives for the Indian travel trade.