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Cross Vibe’s chic designs go well beyond other modern lifestyle hotels to create something truly unique. Learn more!

A Lifestyle Design Hotel 

X2 Vibe’s youthful, trendy hotels maintain a design focus and a unique service style that sets the brand apart from all contemporaries. X2 Vibe hotels offer bold and exciting new experiences that have become increasingly hard to find in the modern travel industry. 
Through design, service, and style, X2 Vibe delivers a singular new perspective on hotel living that is sure to excite the senses, while providing chic comforts that delight the modern traveler. 

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X2 Vibe Experiences

Experience the X2 Vibe lifestyle. The urban locations allow you to easily check out nearby tourist attractions, restaurants, and nightlife. Your room will be both a chilled-out sanctuary in the heart of the city and the headquarters for you to kick off your urban adventure. Get fully into the local culture by day, and come home to trendy, modern comfort at night.

Cross Vibe

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