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Invigorating, scintillating, exceptional X2 Vibe Pattaya Seaphere

X2 Vibe Pattaya Seaphere Sea Bear 19

Step into a world of sun-splashed beaches, lush landscapes, and modern 
living spaces at X2 Vibe Pattaya Seaphere Residence by Thailand-based hotel group Cross Hotels & 
Resorts. Nestled in a serene corner of Pattaya’s Jomtien beach, X2 Vibe Pattaya Seaphere is the 
perfect chic and chilled-out holiday destination. This modern design hotel offers guests a relaxing, 
cosmopolitan location that sets the scene for the ultimate holiday getaway. 

This month, X2 Vibe Pattaya Seaphere Residence celebrates its third anniversary! Making the most of
its location to give guests that feeling of being in Zen mode, the property has on offer some much needed relaxation at its rooftop. Guests can take in a panoramic view of the sea while chilling out at 
X2 Vibe Pattaya Seaphere’s stylish rooftop bar, anytime between 5:00 pm – 11:00 pm daily. Sky Vibe 
Rooftop Bar serves up a wide selection of snacks, beverages and cocktails, along with delicious 
international fusion dining.

For those looking to dip into water while still enjoying a spectacular view, the 8th floor infinity pool 
will let them take in Pattaya’s lush scenery and calm sea, far above ground level. With its poolside bar
and unique designs, the area is the perfect place to unwind throughout the day, from 7:00 am – 11:00

But, a great place to stay also needs to be accompanied by delicious food and snack options. From 
6:30 am-10:30 pm, the 4K Restaurant lets you capture the serenity of the sea while enjoying the wide
range of local and international delicacies served.

For a delightful stay, the trendy residence offers 65 rooms. In true X2 Vibe style, the design of the 
residence both impress and inspire the guest. Within the locality there is an abundance of major 
tourist attractions, including three large water parks, Koh Laan Island, Thailand’s well-renowned 
floating markets, golf courses and, of course, the tourist city of Pattaya.